At Nico Electrical Engineering we welcome a challenge. We take pride in devising safe and reliable installations for situations that present unusual difficulties, be it vandalism of lighting in a school corridor or construction of a safe, three phase input panel in an exposed position, open to the weather. Where necessary special components for workstations, supply control panels, enclosures, or other parts of the installation, are designed by us and fabricated in our workshops. The company is also active in the field of inspection and testing of installations.



Nick Bove is the proprietor. He has successfully managed the company since 1982. He has worked in the electrical industry for over 30 years, and has been employed by a number of companies, including British Rail. This has enabled him to build up a substantial experience of complex, industrial and power distribution systems.

Since founding his own company, Nick has concentrated on expanding the range of high quality work undertaken. As technology has moved on, Nick has ensured the company has kept up to date with the latest advances, adding computer and telecom networks, remote control of lighting and security alarm and surveillance systems to the company's portfolio.

Nico Electrical Engineering employs experienced, qualified staff who work to the latest industry standards. As a company that is often involved in the testing and certification of existing installations, our staff are very well aware of the problems that can arise from poor craftsmanship and inferior quality components. Carefully designed, robust installations result in safe, low maintenance systems that will serve the customer reliably for many years.


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