Part P of the Building Regulations 2000

As amended; April 2013

Advice to customers about the legal position
and retention of certificates.

Part P of the building regulations was introduced In January 2005. It has since been amended, the latest amendment coming into force in April this year. The effect of Part P is to bring certain electrical work, carried out in any dwelling, into the scope of the Building Regulations 2000. This means any works that have to comply with Part P also have to comply with all the other parts of the Building Regulations as well. In addition, the work has to be approved, inspected and passed by the Local Authority's Building Inspector unless the works are carried out by someone who is registered under the Government's scheme as a "Competent Person", because the electrician concerned is able to "Self Certificate". It is the responsibility of the householder, or person ordering the works, to ensure these regulations are complied with and failure to do so can result in prosecution.

The following are, in my experience, the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning the implementation of Part P and it's effect on Householders, Tenants and Landlords. Click the appropriate question to find out more. Alternatively use one of the links at the bottom of this page to access information on other websites.

What works are covered under Part P ?

What sort of certification should I expect from a Part P registered contractor ?

What is the procedure if I do Not want to use a Part P registered contractor ?

What is the penalty for not ensuring that all relevant work is properly certificated ?

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