Information Sheets for users of Electrical Equipment

The information contained in these pages is aimed at tenants and householders in the United Kingdom who wish to know a little more about some of the fixed equipment that makes up their electrical installations. The pages are written so they can be followed by those of us who are not technically minded but at the same time an attempt is made to give a clear description of how each piece of equipment works.

As this website is in it's infancy, only a limited selection of equipment is described. Pages covering other pieces of equipment will be added as time permits. If you cannot find information on a piece of equipment that interests you, or you want further details about an items of equipment already featured, then please e-mail me using the link at the bottom of the page.

For information sheets about the subjects mentioned please click the appropriate link below. All Information Sheets are in ".pdf" format.

Residual Current Devices (R.C.D's. and R.C.B.O's.) These devices are often found on the consumer board and switch off the supply if there is a short circuit to earth. They are sometimes incorporated into plugs or plug adaptors and may be termed a "Power Breaker".
Miniature Circuit Breakers (M.C.B's.) Miniature Circuit Breakers are the modern replacement for fuses. They are easier and quicker to reset but please be sure it is safe to do so before reseting them.
Electrical Accessories (Switches and Sockets) Commonplace around the home. Find out how to look after sockets and switches.
Fault Finding Chart (Logical procedure for isolating faults) If an M.C.B. or R.C.B.O. has tripped, leaving you without power, this chart will show you the correct proceedure for isolating the fault and restoring most of the electrical circuits.

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